Body Centered Awareness

Aligning our hearts, minds and emotions with the wisdom of our bodies.

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I am passionate about teaching others to be more aware of their bodies and emotions, as a doorway to growth, healing, and lasting change

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Deeper Awareness

Exploring with curiosity and compassion in a supportive environment creates a container where new ways of being and moving can be explored and expressed.

Word on the Street

Your body is the doorway to lasting growth and change


Our bodies have been present and available for each of our experiences throughout our lives



Change and growth are possible through learning to come back “home” and be more present in our bodies in the moment, .



Awareness in our bodies holds the key to releasing limiting physical, mental and emotional patterns

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken

Oscar Wilde

After just one class, my hips felt freer than they had in years! Patrice’s classes completely changed my whole attitude about my body and opened my eyes to the possibility of body movement without pain or limitation.After having individual work, through Patrice’s table lessons I began to ‘know’ what proper, healthy movement is and how efficient movement of one’s body leaves more energy for the rest of life! I’m a convert and highly recommend both Patrice and her work to anyone who desires to get reacquainted with their bodies; how they move and to see the potential we all have within.

Holly - San Luis Obispo

[I appreciate] the safe and nurturing environment and being introduced to different techniques to be present with others. It was my first exposure to Gestalt, Hakomi, and CFR.

Your facilitation of our group has been incredible and I’ve learned so much by observing how you handle whatever comes up.

Amy - Santa Cruz

The classes have taught me how to deal with my hip/thigh pain to make it bearable. Yesterday I had a private table session with Patrice, and today I experienced no pain in my leg at all! Prior to meeting Patrice I had my internist, a chiropractor, a pain specialist, a surgeon and a plethora of x-rays, MRIs and injections, all to no avail.

I personally recommend Patrice’s work if you are experiencing any discomfort in your body. She has an incredible understanding of the body and how it should work for our benefit.

Carole - Arroyo Grande