Cortical Field Re-education

Our bodies respond to the pressures, demands and stresses of daily life by developing patterns of contraction in the muscles. From infancy, every happening in our life, and our response to it, is deeply ingrained in our muscular postures and movements. We gradually lose awareness of these muscles that are habitually held in contraction. These muscular contractions are so deep and unconscious that they continue even in our sleep.

Through Cortical Field Re-Education you can relearn the ease, fluidity and openness taken for granted as a child and lost somewhere along the way. By changing muscular holding patterns through the brain-muscle-emotion connection, restrictions in movement can be freed.

When these chronic problem areas are released, your body will become a more comfortable home. You will experience a much more restful sleep at night, a much higher level of energy during the day, and a dramatic improvement in the ease, fluidity, power and coordination of your everyday movements.

Cortical Field Re-Education (CFR) was developed by Harriet Goslins.

CFR utilizes functional movement in the physical body combined with the energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. CFR is based on what Harriet has learned from Moshe Feldenkrais, PhD, Lansing Gresham, founder of Integrated Awareness® and John Upledger, D.O., propagator of Cranial/Sacral work; as well as Harriet’s Gestalt and Psychosynthesis background. Her active private practice for twenty-six years, intensive eight-day workshops for the public, and professional training for practitioners have also contributed greatly to the work. CFR is not about “fixing.” It is about true healing which is based on learning.

Your life cannot be any easier than your movements. Reduce the unnecessary effort in your movements, and you reduce the effort in your life.

Harriet Goslins