Hakomi, The Refined Method

To notice what arises inside, without judgement, is the essence of Hakomi and a pathway to deep and abiding healing. The Hakomi Method, as developed by Ron Kurtz, draws from the vast worlds of science, spirituality and psychotherapy, yet the practice itself remains simple.

 Hakomi is a journey of assisted self discovery, a journey through mindfulness to wholeness. This is an open way of watching ourselves, of witnessing what happens. We start by paying attention to present experience, as it is, in the body, now.

With the help of a trained Hakomi therapist, we develop the practice of mindfulness. Our intention is to create an experience of greater freedom of choice, and relief from unnecessary suffering, through the ever deepening into and knowing of oneself.

Experiences that weren’t possible before, become possible. Experiences that had been missing, are now happening. Where fear was always somewhere in the background, a wash of relief and safety fill the body-mind. Discoveries are made. Something that wasn’t real before, is alive within us. Trust becomes possible. Love becomes possible. Self-acceptance, confidence, forgiveness. Some rich source of strength and satisfaction becomes available. What you habitually do has begun to change. Some part of you is healing. You are renewed. Ron Kurtz, Creator of Hakomi