Students are guided using a unique blend of mindfulness techniques and awareness practices. Among them are:
Individual Sessions:

Patrice uses a comprehensive blend of modalities in her work with others. Sessions may include all of these approaches or be focused more on one:

  • The slow, developmental movement of Cortical Field Reeducation®. CFR is a body awareness and movement practice based on the groundbreaking work of Moshe Feldenkrais, DSc., and developed by Harriet Goslins at Esalen Institute.
  • The Refined Method of Hakomi. Loving presence and providing nourishment are key ingredients. Ron Kurtz who created The Hakomi Method, describes it as assisted self-study.
  • Gestalt Practice: Developed by Fritz Perls, it is an approach to personal growth that promotes self-awareness and values integration of the parts of self into a whole person.

After an initial intake evaluation, Patrice will give her recommendations for how to best serve the individual. At times the student will be on a table receiving hands on work, at times on the floor being guided in making specific movements, at times seated in a chair across from the practitioner. Some hands on work will almost always be included in any session.

Group Sessions:

A group can be as small as three and as large as fifteen. The format can be a weekly class or workshop of one to five days. All will incorporate some movement and most will include some direct contact with others in the group in the form of paired exercises or group witnessing and support of one another’s individual process.

Individual Table Sessions

A powerful way to help you relearn how you were designed to move and rediscover your innate freedom and joy. Working with the central nervous system, the body releases chronic muscle tension and experiences a change in habitual movement patterns that have limited mobility and prevented healing.


Group Movement Classes

An excellent way to learn the work, connect with others and be inspired and supported by them.

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Patrice regularly teaches longer courses on the California Central Coast.

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